Suitcase 248 Powered – Retro


Fully PSU-equipped case for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. All inclusive version – with PSU, bus system, rails, connectors, cables…

  • 2 x 124 HP
  • Butterfly closures
  • 0 Volt exit
  • Döpfer PSU3
  • All necessary cables with connnectors – ready to go

Delivery time: approx. 2 weeks upon request

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The sturdy birch multiplex suitcase for modular synthesizers in eurorack format offers space for 2 x 124 HP with a maximum module depth of 10 cm. The surface is treated with impact-resistant black texture paint. The case can be used lying flat or standing. The lid is removable and provides enough space for plugged cables during transport. Edge protectors and butterfly fasteners provide increased stability and protection during transport.

Material: Birch MPX 15mm, texture paint, black
Usable width: 2 x 124 HP (2 x 630 mm)
Max module depth: 10 cm
Dimensions: 66 cm x 20 cm x 29 cm
Weight: 9 kg


  • Rails with enough sliding nuts
  • 0 Volt exit
  • Döpfer PSU3 +12 V 2 A // -12 V 1,2 A // +5 V 4 A // 100 – 230 V
  • 2 x Döpfer bus board on rails for a total of 28 Module
  • IEC socket with on/off switch and fuse
  • All necessary cables with connnectors – ready to go

Two Döpfer busboards are positionable on 19 inch rack rails in the case – so they can be easily rotated 180 degrees, if you want to equip the case the other way round. Already integrated is the new power supply PSU3 from Döpfer with stable 2000 mA on + 12V, 1200 mA on -12V and strong 4000m mA on 5V. The A-100PSU3 is a switched-mode power supply, but with the proven linear regulation of the A-100PSU2 connected downstream. This power supply was specially developed by Döpfer for modular synthesizers in eurorack format and delivers stable and clean voltages – not comparable to cheap switching power supplies for computers.


The housing made of birch multiplex in a thickness of 15 mm is glued with flat dowels and accordingly stable enough to withstand exceptional loads. The support rails for the modules are connected by two 3 mm thick aluminum panels and have 30 slide nuts per rail. The surface is treated with original Warnex textured paint – a fast-drying 1K dispersion paint with very good surface hardness. Should the lacquer layer nevertheless be damaged during heavy use, it can easily be repaired.


Eurorack Modular Synthesizer 0 Volt connection

Grounding and 0 Volt

By means of a knurled screw, a common 0 Volt connection with other cases can easily be realized. This makes it possible to compensate for interference occurring in larger setups by different 0-Volt references of individual systems. This is also the central grounding point of the system. The house ground is routed via the power cable into the housing and connected via the central grounding point for the frame and the 0-Volt of the PSU.

“With this case configuration, an adequate grounding and 0-Volt reference design for larger setups can be easily implemented.”

Analog Synthesizer 0 Volt connection

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