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Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Suitcase – raw version without power plug for external power supplies. Made of walnut and larch 16 mm, surface treated with linseed oil. 2 x 104 HP.

Special offer due to optical flaws

  • 2 x 104 HP
  • Rails with 100 sliding nuts
  • 0 Volt connector

Delivery time: approx. 3 - 6 days

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The sturdy walnut and larch case for Eurorack modular synthesizers offers space for 2 x 104 HP with a maximum module depth of 10 cm. The surface is treated with linseed oil. The case can be used lying flat or standing. The lid is removable and provides enough space for plugged cables during transport.

Form: Suitcase
Material: walnut and larch 16 mm, linseef oil
Usable width: 2 x 104 HP (2 x 529 mm)
Max module depth: 10 cm
Dimensions: 56,5 cm x 20 cm x 29 cm
Weight: 5 kg


  • Rails with 100 sliding nuts
  • 0-Volt connector to compensate for potential differences in a multi case setup


The housing of larch and walnut in a thickness of 16 mm is glued with flat dowels and accordingly stable enough to withstand exceptional loads. The support rails for the modules are connected by two 3 mm thick aluminum panels and have 25 slide nuts per rail. The surface is treated with linseed oil and can be easily resanded if necessary and oiled again

The flaws

Small visible tears on the glue joints as seen in the pictures. The surface at those points is smooth and covered with a thin layer of hardened linseed oil


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